Who is respond for bringing down the Airbus 321?


Оn October 31 an Airbus 321 aircraft belonging to the Russian company Kogalymavia and carrying 224 people came down in the desert soon after take-off from the Egyptian resort town of Sharm-el-Sheikh.

How respond on this the Europe? Put Russian banner on Facebook? Or brought flowers to Russia embassy? Not. No way.

French magazine Charlie Hebdo published cartoons making fun of the A321 airliner crash in Egypt that killed 224 people.



If the dead of the people is so funny, why they do not laugh 13 November? Why death of French is horrible, but death of Russian — funny?

But it will stay on their conscience. I want to tell about different subject.

It not need look too far to find who stay behind the crash of Russian jet.

Islamic State first attempted to claim responsibility for bringing down the Airbus 321 shortly after the plane crashed en route from Egypt’s Sharm-el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg on October 31.

November 17 Vladimir Putin confirmed to A-321 crash by terrorist attack, and told, that Russia won’t be “wiping tears from our soul and heart,” he said. “This [tragedy] will stay with us forever. But this won’t stop us from finding and punishing the culprit.”

I believe in the word of my President, but I also believe to FSB and Kremlin knows some people who had a hand in the terrorist attack. It’s IS? Not only. And what is worst of all them name not hard to know — they not hide. They speak openly. And maybe it’s a time to send them a subpoena?

Person #1

General Wesley Kanne Clark, Sr.

General openly told on CNN that the Islamic State (ISIS) was “funded by our friends and allies in order to fight Hezbollah”.

Deserve Wesley subpoena to the Russian or Egyptian court like witness? Indeed. He must to tell who exactly baked IS, or he must to tell: “I’m liar”, and to answer for a slander on his friends and allies.

Who is “friends and allies” for US and why they shut down and not stop Clark?


Person #2

John Kerry — US Secretary of State

US Secretary of State was in contact with Yousaf  Al Salafi – allegedly the Pakistan commander of Islamic State (IS) or Daish.

Al Salafi has confessed during investigations that he has been receiving funds through the United States.

Excuse me, who can tell me for what US paid? US borrowed money from IS? Or US has so many money to not know where put this huge amount?


Person #3

John Sidney McCain III — the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

John McCain reportedly met with the head of ISIS Al Baghdadi or Simon Elliot.

The meeting of old friends?



Person #4

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Simon Elliot — a trained Zionist agent.

Why Mossad shut up as the shy teenager and not tell — it’s a lie? Maybe afraid of Snowden…




Person #5

Benjamin Netanyahu — the President of Israel

Wall Street Journal wrote:

“Nusra Front, however, hasn’t bothered Israel since seizing the border area last summer — and some of its wounded fighters are regularly taken across the frontier fence to receive treatment in Israeli hospitals”.

Always suspected that Israel is full of mercy to enemies. And how it can be different if in Holy book wrote: “turn the other cheek”?


Person #6

Ashton Carter — United States Secretary of Defense

The Head of the Pentagon told:

“Moscow will soon start paying the price for its escalating military intervention in Syria in the form of reprisal attacks and casualties…”

Excuse me, but it not so polite promise a death.


How do you think deserve all this person summons witnessed the terrorist attack?

My answer: Yes.

But I know it will never happen.

All what are you read, you can find in the Internet. They are speaking openly and not afraid to get a subpoena to answer for them words. They are speaking openly and not shy, because, not only Russian lives are not important. For people the death of 1 000 — is a tragedy, for politics — a statistic.


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